AI Generated Content From a Property Address

Content About a Property Created In Less Than 10 Minutes Using AI 

This content was generated from a property address and the link to the property on zillow.

Keep in mind there has been no editing and the entire process took 9 and a half minutes. I would definitely make some changes before I used this with clients but even with the fact that it needs a little editing this less than 10 minute process created content that would have taken a full day for me to create on my own.

I first pasted the Zillow link below into the AI chat box and asked it to create an outline for a presentation.

Here's an Image linked to a PDF of the 4-page outline:

Next, I pasted the outline from above into an AI video creator application and it created the video here. This took the most time of the process and took almost 5 minutes:

The last thing I did was to paste the outline from above into an AI presentation creator and requested the presentation be created in 2 different themes. Click on the slide to see a PDF of the entire presentation.

Theme 1

Theme 2

These are images of the slides from Theme 1 of the AI created presentation:

If you would like me to walk you through the sites I used to quickly create this content, and a half dozen other AI applications that can immediately help your business shoot me an email to

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